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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Real-Time Experiences

Leyard® Reality Solutions™ are the ideal solution for experiences of stellar realism, be it in terms of broadcast sets, simulation environments, or the new-age collaborative virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Leyard Reality Solutions facilitates the creation of immersive environments that can be explored in real-time. This is done with the use of cutting-edge LED video wall and floor technologies, coupled with the use of motion capture sensors.

Leyard Reality Solutions is often used by professionals who seek to explore 3D models in the physical space. This is used for formulating broadcast content, visualizing volumetric data for analysis, or for the purpose of collabor-ative gaming in terms of virtual world exploration.

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The Ultimate Answer to Panoramic Simulation

Leyard® Reality Solutions™ is a highly customizable system which incorporates the following elements: a Leyard® LED video wall and flooring system, an OptiTrack® precision motion capture system, and a tracking rocker camera,

complete with service and support to assemble the hardware together.

This hardware configuration is also followed with a range of software and services for a variety of purposes such as 3D simulation, spatial positioning and tracking, multi-channel 3D suture system, and PBR real-time rendering.

This is followed with custom 3D model and content development that’s delivered on request. The entire product is designed, tested, and delivered in its complete stage, in addition to a user and operator training as well.

Proprietary 3D Suture Adds Realism and Depth

Traditional stitching and calibration of LED displays into a multiple display form can align the image and display it across various LED surfaces. How-ever, it doesn’t take different perspectives into account while tailoring the content.

As such, 3D objects often appear a bit skewed, twisted, flat, or even expanded. Leyard’s innovative 3D Suture technology has been developed by Dahooo, a subsidiary of Leyard itself. This technology takes special positioning into ac-count and, as such, it can display the content with spatial perspectives.

Furthermore, when this is connected with 3D models, the visual image ap-pears realistic to the viewer. The perspective effects convince viewers that they’re looking 250 feet or even 400 kilometers in the distance, as opposed

to a close-lying set designed with the help of a series of LED video walls.

Highly Versatile and Better than a Green Screen

Leyard Reality Solutions can bypass several of the drawbacks of green screen technology. As such, it’s both better and more versatile. You can offer unique visual clues to the individuals on set because Leyard Reality Solutions

can easily sense the camera location and the actor within the scene. Fur-thermore, there aren’t any limitations in terms of wardrobe color, and it’s highly accurate in relation to furniture, props, and other objects as well.

Additionally, this saves studios the effort of creating multiple sets that largely go unused, and they don’t have to be constricted by a single design

either. With this technology, a single set can be used on various occasions, thus proving to be far more cost-efficient and versatile in its approach.

Collaborative Virtual Reality

Leyard Reality Solutions gives the opportunity for various individuals to be within a scene simultaneously, thus sharing the experience and interacting with the content together. If a player is wearing a head mounted device (HMD), the set can also be

converted into an engaging crowd viewing experience. As such, a personal experience gets sublimated within a group, which is ideal for experiencing eSports, education, and several other multi-player scenarios in which using the VR individually can be an isolating experience.

Leyard also provides various 3D model development services that can breathe life to skeletal animations in virtual environments. The software fa-cilitates multi-position and multi-mode switching,

which, in turn, provides AR, VR and 3D stereographic views of a particular scenario.

Ideally suited for a range of High-Performance Visualization Applications

  • Virtual broadcast set for on-camera viewing
  • 3D models data visualization and analysis
  • Simulating education or training sessions
  • Simulating destinations and providing tourist innovation
  • Simulating military activities
  • Providing walk-throughs and rendering of architectural designs
  • Previewing Real Estate development projects
  • Collaborating in terms of product design
  • Collaborating in terms of virtual reality (VR) visualizations and game play
  • Viewing a group-based activity via head mounted device (HMD) VR experiences
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