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P4.6 Outdoor Double-Sided LED Display 

The P4.6 Outdoor Double-Sided LED Display  has a few significant updates:


  • It has an innovative design.
  • It’s equipped with light sensors that can provide auto-brightness control
  • The support structure is a lot more durable and strong.
  • There are 8 support holes for inserting screws.
  • The support arm between the wall mount and the LED display is shorter. It is also equipped with side support wings. These features provide stability against strong winds.
  • The power cord can be extended from behind the lower support mount. It can then either connect directly to the electric junction box or it can be passed through the wall so it can connect to an electric outlet located behind the wall.
  • You can upload media files via WiFi using smartphones or PC. It’s also equipped with a separate network port to connect it to the PC directly.
  • Name of Smartphone App: Viplex Handy.
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  • Download the Viplex Handy smartphone app.
  • Go to your phone’s WiFi settings.
  • Select the WiFi name ‘AP5000’.
  • Go back to your Viplex Handy smartphone app.
  • Tap ‘Connect’.
  • Select Single or Double Frame option.
  • Upload video or image files.
  • Tap ‘Send’.
  • You’ll receive a progress bar. Once it reaches 100%, the upload is complete.
  • You can now enjoy your new digital signboard!


For optimal visuals, you should use Crop Video App to crop the desired video into a square format. The P4.6 Outdoor Double-Sided LED Display Model 2 has a resolution of 128x128 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1. As such, the source video should also be in a 1:1 aspect ratio so it doesn’t get squeezed.




Module Specification

4.6 Pixel pitch
4500 nits Brightness
Specification Details
Led Lamp Hunguang encapsulation SMD 1921 led lamp
Module Pixles 4.68mm
Module Size 300mm radius, fan shaped led module
Module Resolution 64 x 64 dots
Module Weight 0.7 kg
Cabinet Specification
Display size with installation structure 940 mm in length and 880 mm in height
Cabinet Size 682mm in diameter and 145mm in thickness
Screen Size 600mm in diameter
Screen Resolution 128 x 128 (Dots)
Module Quantity 2 x 2 = 4 (Pcs)
Pixel Density 45657 dost / sq m
Material Steel Cabinet
Cabinet Net Weight ≤ 16Kg / Pcs
Display total weight with installation structure ≤ 45 Kg/Pcs
Screen Parameters
White Blaance Brightness ≥ 4500 cd/m2
Grey Level Red,green and blue ≥ 256 levels uptp 65536 levels
Display Color ≥ 16.7M species , upto 281 trellion species
Best View Distance ≥ 5M
Viewing Angle Horizental ≥ 120 ° Vertical ≥ 120 °
Device Driver 1/8 scan with SUM2017TD driver IC
Brightness Adjust Method 256 grade software adjustment, 16 grade automatic adjustment
Change Frame Frequency ≥ 60 Hz
Refresh Rate ≥ 1920 Hz
Controle System Colorlight system asynchronous cotrol
Waterproof Grades IP65
Lifespan ≥ 10,000 hours
MTBF > 1000 hours
Display Input Voltage AC 220 V ± 15%, 50Hz ± 2Hz
Working Temprature and Humidity Temprature: -20°C ∼ 60°C, Hunidity : 10%-95%
Power Consumption Max: ≤ 400 W /Pcs , Average: ≤ 175 W /Pcs
Mentinance Method Front-maintenance
Signal In Lan cabel
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