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In many system installations, you can replace an entire rack of pro audio gear—with a single Pema™.

Pema™ with it’s new sleek look, is a Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier—either 4 or 8-channel at 250 Watts or 125 Watts per channel. Pema is a matrix mixer—all Pema models have a full 8-in x 8-out matrix mixer, where any input can be assigned to any output or outputs. Pema is a digital signal processor. In addition to the full Protea™ suite of DSP settings, we have added four new features to Pema—gain sharing automatic microphone mixing, an automatic feedback suppressor, ambient noise detection and adjustment and a real-time clock with an event scheduler.

Pema features Ashly’s energy efficient Class-D amplifier topology with a switching power supply—and is over 80% energy efficient out of the box. Maximize the energy efficiency of your audio system by using the event scheduler to either put the Pema in stand-by mode or turn it off completely.

Pema is offered in separate Low-Z, 25V, 70V, or 100V constant voltage models. Pema is also offered with 240V line voltage in either Low-Z or 100V output for International customers.

■ FIR Filter capable
■ Dante® and CobraNet® options fully supported
■ 8-in x 8-out sophisticated matrix mixing
■ 8 built-in mic preamps
■ Dual RCA and balanced Euroblock inputs
■ Dedicated telephone/PBX input
■ Post DSP AUX line level outputs
■ Stereo sum to mono
■ Adjustable HP/LP filters
■ Event scheduling and real-time clock
■ Gain sharing automatic microphone mixer
■ Automatic feedback suppression
■ Ambient noise compensation
■ Built-in pink/white noise and sine wave generator
■ Intuitive wall remotes
■ Safety/Compliance: TUV, CE, FCC, RoHS

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