Oil and Gas

Upstream and downstream in the production process, petroleum companies are increasingly looking to leverage their investments with better data analysis. Processing and visualization of seismic data, extraction modeling and operational monitoring all play a key role in improving decision-making and collaboration, protecting the environment and optimizing production.  

Crisp and bright visualization tools with high-reliability keep this industry coming back to Planar for digital oil field installations.  For energy distribution, our solutions improve the bottom line and customer experience.

Why LED Solutions Oil and Gas?

Our product offering is broad and features characteristics that set these products apart.

Visual Perfection

We deliver a wide range of visual solutions for oil and gas companies, from video walls to flat panel LCD displays and LED video wall options.  For petroleum companies and others in the energy distribution space, we offer seamless LED and rear projection display video walls. For immersive and useful 3D visualization, video wall options are available.

Configurations for Every Space and Place

From thin-mounting and the modular Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall System to our truly seamless LED offerings, our display solutions can accommodate a wide range of applications from small meeting rooms to large control centers.

Reliable for Mission Critical Use

From sturdy metal-frame industrial design in our custom display products to redundant power supplies to the proprietary ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology for LCD displays, our products are designed for environments where downtime is not an option.

Better and Faster Decision-Making

Interpreting seismic data and monitoring operations requires ready access to data and the experience to interpret it into action.  Data analysis and visualization, reservoir and drilling modeling, and cross-site collaboration – all key to the emerging digital oilfield trend – are enabled with our visualization displays.

Exceptional Value for Integrators and End Customers

Our solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total-cost-of-ownership. O displays are optimized for these environments, with features like front serviceability and LED backlight designs.

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