Digital Signage Solutions New York

Digital billboard displays are widely used for advertisement, entertainment purposes, or architectural ambience in high-traffic areas in cities. These digital signage solutions are transforming the way in which modern individuals shop, work, and socialize. Planar LED video wall and digital billboard solutions are on the forefront of these trending changes. Our award-winning display solutions are specifically designed for use in public venues to curate a visually striking user experience and aesthetic.


The Necessity of LED Solutions for Digital Signage

Our LED video wall solutions comprise features and characteristics that can offer great benefits for digital signage solutions.


Reliability for Public Venues

Our solutions — including high-brightness displays, sturdy metal-frame industrial designs, proprietary ERO (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) technology, redundant power supplies, amongst many others — have been specifically designed for reliable installation in the most challenging and demanding public environments.



Our solutions are highly customizable, ranging from free-form configuration of the Mosaic Architectural Video Walls to the seamless and limitless scaling of Clarity Matrix LED Video Walls.


An Eye for Design

Our LED video walls and commercial display solutions have been designed so as to be visually striking yet capable of blending into all environments, be it professional or commercial. All of our solutions comprise features like a free-standing pedestal for easy installation, color-coordinated designs, and sleek white finishes. Our solutions also comprise a thin-mounting profile. As such, they don’t require any additional structures or insets and they comply with all ADA standards.


Great Value for Client and Integrator

We provide features — like front serviceability and LED backlight designs — that lowers the cost of design, installation, maintenance, and ownership of our products in public venues.