Corporate organizations across the globe now realize that the state of their office space and facilities aren’t just necessary for a conducive work environment for their employees but they also serve as a representation of their brand identity. As such, deploying digital signage systems and interactive LED panels can project a modern aesthetic, enhancing the guest experience and increase employee productivity and communications. Our state-of-the-art commercial displays solutions for desktops and large lobby installations can help foster a dynamic brand identity.

The Necessity of Digital Displays in Corporate Environments

Our LED video wall solutions comprise features and characteristics that can offer retail outlets a number of benefits.

Efficient and Timely Decision Making

Digital Technology in corporate organizations has a lot of utility. They are used for a number of processes including visualization of big data and engaging with several online video sources. We offer a wide range of digital technology solutions. On the micro scale, we can offer interactive desktops such as the IX2850 4K monitor or the HeliumTM Series multitouch monitor. On the macro scale, we can install large video walls in conference rooms to give life to big data visualizations.

An Eye for Design

Our LED video walls and commercial display solutions have been designed so as to be visually striking, capable of creating graphically stimulating backdrops with gripping focal points. A few examples of our visual innovation include features like the free-form configuration of the Mosaic Architectural Video Walls, seamless video walls of various sizes, and transparent OLED displays. All of our solutions comprise a thin-mounting profile. As such, they don’t require any additional structures or insets and they comply with all ADA standards.

Great Value for Client and Integrator

We provide features — like LED backlight and front-serviceability — that lowers the cost of design, installation, maintenance, and ownership in the long run, thus making them a great value option for installation in corporate spaces.

Efficient Support

Planar has been a leader in the commercial displays business for over 3 decades. Our products have been optimized so as to offer the ideal display resolution, mounting options, connection options, and simplicity to ensure that your IT team can install and maintain the technology solutions with ease.