Clarity Matrix LX

LCD Video Wall

Clarity® Matrix® LX LCD Video Walls are available in Full HD resolutions, along with LED backlight compatibility, and they provide a stellar tiled visual experience. All Clarity Matrix LX models provide a 500 nits of brightness, ideally suited for areas with low lighting, and they come in two sizes — 46" and 55".

There are four Clarity Matrix LX models: LX55HDX (55"), LX55HDU (55"), LX46HDS (46") and LX46HDU (46"). 



Video Walls Meant for Low Power Utility and Low Light Surroundings

When used in full brightness setting, the Clarity Matrix LX still consumes 17% less power than its standard Clarity Matrix MX model counterpart. It's ideally suited for settings with dim ambient lighting, such as corporate and control rooms. However, it still includes all the beneficial features of Clarity Matrix's innovative video wall displays.

Clarity Matrix LX video walls also come with the Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) feature. This is the use of an optically-bonded glass front to enhance the rugged nature of video walls, necessary for application in public areas or for use as an interactive touch application.

Fiber Video Extension is possible

Clarity® Matrix® Fiber Video Extension is a private and extended means of transmitting visual signals from the Clarity Matrix off-board electronics to the Clarity Matrix LCD video wall displays. This is a system best suited for government and military contractors who need it for the passage of classified information. The Clarity Matrix Fiber Video Extension can offer video extension possibilities over both multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cables. Furthermore, the Clarity Matrix Fiber Video Extension also incorporates a USB field in the fiber optic cable. As such, there's no need to risk using an external USB extender.

Clarity Matrix Video Wall provides optimal Configuration

The Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall Calculator can be used to gauge necessary product specifications such as the dimensions, power consumption, heat load, and rack components of the video wall. This is achieved with the production of an innovative simulated representation of the video wall.

Calculate Your Clarity Matrix Video Wall


Model Number LX55HDX LX46HDU LX55HDU LX46HDS
Diagonal 55" 46" 55" 46"
Tiled bezel width 1.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm 5.5mm

Crestron, AMX and Savant Modules for Clarity Matrix 

Planar has released its first modules for Clarity Matrix video walls for AMXCrestron and Savant, making it even easier for resellers to integrate and consultants to recommend Clarity Matrix video walls. Resellers who do integration have estimated these modules can save hours of programming time, reducing installation time and costs. Learn more.




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